About Aurora

Any time of year is right for a trip to Aurora where you will find that the past makes a lot of sense for the present!  Quality vintage furnishings have a further life as we expand their usefulness – the ultimate use for a “green” environmental home!   The reasons for shopping Aurora when decorating a home have never been better!Aurora was Oregon’s first national historic district and dates to 1856 when Wilhelm Keil brought his followers over the Oregon Trail from Missouri.  A Christian utopian society where property was owned jointly, the “colony” flourished and eventually totaled 18,000 acres with a New England-looking village, nearly all in white, surrounded by abundant farm lands.  The buildings are not typical of what one usually finds in the West in any quantity.  The history and artifacts of the Aurora Colony have been preserved and are on display at the Old Aurora Colony Museum, (www.auroracolony.org) located in the center of the historic downtown.Today many of the historic buildings are filled with antiques and specialty shops.  The town is an international destination for antiques and vintage goods as well as the source for interior designers and movie and television producers.  From furniture to jewelry, pottery to architectural salvage, Aurora has one of the largest selections of authentic and unusual finds on any given day.

In addition to antiques a visitor will find fiber arts studios, gallery art, wineries and tasting rooms as well as a candy factory and artisan bakeries.  There’s plenty to eat and drink in town with homemade pie, award winning hamburgers and other tempting menus.  Stay overnight at bed and breakfasts, nearby motels and rv camping.

Just take the short drive to Aurora – only 20 minutes from Portland or Salem. But it will seem like it’s 160 years away!